The Passion Project

Golub Orthodontics is dedicated to giving children throughout the world something to smile about. Three times a year, we travel to impoverished countries on Pediatric Dental Outreach Projects. On these missions, we volunteer our time and effort, providing free dental care to children with little or no access to dental care. Teaming up with dental students and other dedicated dental health care workers, we have provided care to children in the countries of Cambodia, Mongolia, Guatemala, Uganda and Jamaica. These children have absolutely no access to dental care. Many are orphaned and, in fact, have never seen a toothbrush. Dental decay is rampant in most of these areas and delivery of care is complicated because of the lack of running water and electricity. Despite the conditions, the dental teams are able to provide hundreds of dental extractions, cleanings and preventative services to their children patients during their one week visits. Check out @jointhepassion project on instagram to stay up to date with our efforts.